Is God a deadbeat dad?

Why did bad theology make people think of God the same as they would a deadbeat dad? My God is not a deadbeat dad!
He loves His kids and His kids are priceless to Him, He longs from the depth of His heart to be involved in all aspects of His kids lives.
He doesn't think His kids are worthless, He doesn't think they are a mistake, He isn't sickened looking at them, He doesn't look at them with regret.
That's utter nonsense and complete bull to say my Abba is like that!
My God will go to any length, travel to the ends of the universe, give all that He has for His kids, and guess what?
You're His kid too, no matter how much bad theology calls you, and tries to convince you, that you're an illegitimate child.
He isn't hiding from you, never was, and it doesn't take a court order for Him to want to love and support you.
God doesn't love you because it's some kind of a legal requirement, because one act made Him stop wanting to punt you into a furnace, He loves you because you are worth everything to Him.
He created you to hold all of His love, and He sure has a whole lot of it. Don't let anyone, not even someone behind a pulpit, convince you He doesn't love you, because He does.
And despite all of their rants, and venomous speech, He made the choice to love you right where you're at.


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