Is Jesus your BFF?

I've been thinking back to the stories of the garden and Adam's relationship with The Lord. Adam didn't build an altar, Adam wasn't spending all his days on his knees making himself as lowly as he could before God. God wasn't on a stage looking down on Adam, nor on an iron throne with Adam as a peasant or jester in His kingdom.
Quite the opposite, God walked with Adam. God gave Adam dominion over a part of His creation, this earth. God brought creatures big and small before Adam to name them. He loved Adam and didn't treat him as a servant, He treated him as a son.
Jesus as He walked this earth only did what He saw His Father do and Jesus didn't rule over His disciples, He befriended them. He made friends with many people including sinners and prostitutes. You know, the guys some Christians are protesting or complaining about.
His teachings bulldozed right over the beliefs that people had for their rulers, but yet I think many Christians are stuck in the Middle Ages and, as entertaining as the show is, believe that a ruler rules in the same way they do on Game of Thrones.
I understand you can get the impression that God rules in that manner by reading scripture, but Jesus came not only to defeat evil and restore us to a righteous state, but to get rid of all the misconceptions about God that were once, and sadly still are, thought of Him.
He didn't kill, He didn't maim, He didn't rain down fire, He didn't curse, He didn't give sickness, He didn't use satan to humble people, and He didn't allow satan to keep people in bondage.
He was almost the complete opposite of what was once written of The Lord. He came down and was living proof of how deceptive the enemy was, and then and now, people don't get it.
Jesus, God, our Savior, our Lord, our Everything, didn't just rule in a different way relationally, He also ruled differently positionally. He placed a towel around His waist and washed the feet of His disciples and set an example that to this day blows our mind that such a powerful God would lower Himself to behave in that manner towards us.
God is worthy of praise. Beyond worthy. God is worthy of awe. Beyond worthy. God is the Alpha and Omega. God is "God" big G. Don't get me wrong, He is worthy of every knee, every knee ever in existance bowing to Him. But guess what? He loves and appreciates your kneeling to Him, but He'd rather just go for a walk who you.
He'd rather go for a drive with you. He'd rather watch a game of football with you. He'd rather excitedly watch Iron Man 3 with you. He'd rather hang out with you shopping for a new purse or new shoes.
He'd rather sit with you and cry together when your heart was broken. He'd rather stand there arms outstretched to embrace you after you fall. He'd rather lift you up after you dirtied your knees in the pig pens of life. He'd rather just sit there in silence with you knowing and believing He is right there with you.
Don't get me wrong, worshiping our Lord, kneeling to Him and praising Him is wonderful. It's amazing to physically, emotionally, relationally, and positionally lay prostrate before The Lord.
But, and yes there's a but. Isn't there always?
That's not what He's really about. There was a shirt that said "Jesus is my homeboy" how true that is. Jesus wants to be your best friend, God wants to be your BFF. He broke through the veil, tore it completely open, He cherished the memory of walking with Adam, and wanted it back. Wanted it back times about 10 billion.
Walk with Him, talk with Him, let Him be your homeboy, have fun with Him, cry with Him, be transparent with Him, sit with Him, eat with Him, live with Him. That's what makes Him jump for joy and laugh with glee.
It brings tears to my eyes. This is my Lord. He wants to just hang out with me and chill, He is that humble and I can't help but honor Him.
My worship of Him is tied to being in union with Him and accepting my place of sonship and knowing He wants to spend time with me.
And you!!!!!
You can worship Him like that too. Start right now.


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