Jesus looked upon the multitude and was moved with compassion.

Jesus looked upon the multitude and was moved with compassion.
This was typical of Jesus, He saw people and couldn't help but have compassion for them. What many people miss is that in the multitude were men, women, and children, they were gay, thieves, liars, gossipers, back stabbers, and murderers. Drunks, addicts, bullies, and manipulators. Rapists, child rapists, adulterers, divorced, and a sprinkling of religious zealots.
He didn't have compassion for them or a love towards them only when they stopped doing things that those in American Christianity™ prop up as the worst sins, He loved them and had compassion for them while they were embroiled in any and all of these things, simply because they were His children.
You see, Jesus didn't love the sinner and hate the sin, He loved people and hated evil. He was wise enough to see that the sins, the missing the mark, of those standing before Him that they were involved with didn't define them, and it wasn't of them. He hated the evil, evil was responsible, evil had influenced them.
He came to defeat evil, not to destroy the humans deceived by evil.
It was evil that punched Him in the face. It was evil that scourged Him. It was evil that pulled at His beard. It was evil that pushed thorns into His head, face, and eyes. It was evil that mocked and spat upon Him. It was evil that placed a heavy beam on His shoulders. It was evil that pushed Him into the dirt with a weight crashing upon Him. It was evil that hammered 3 nails through His flesh. It was evil that tried to cause Him to retaliate with hate.
What did He do?
Everyone looks upon the people that were involved with these things as the evil, as the sinners, but Jesus didn't look at them in that manner. Even on the cross He saw the multitude and had compassion.
"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."
He didn't beg the Father. He didn't plead to the Father. He made a request that He knew His Father was more than willing to honor. He knew His Father's character, because He only did what He saw his Father do.
You see, the Father didn't hate the sinner or the sin. The Father had compassion for the sinner and cried over the sin. The Father sent the Son to overthrow evil. The Father knew that evil was the root, evil was the cause, evil was the one responsible.
The Father sent the Son to overthrow true evil. Not to overthrow the government, not to overthrow the religious zealots, not to overthrow the gays, the liars, cheats, thieves, murderers, rapists, pedophiles, adulterers, divorced, He came to overthrow evil.
The evil influence of satan and darkness.
Jesus proclaimed victory over evil and darkness. He made a show as a conquering king does to his enemy. What darkness meant for bad, God used for good.
The good of all mankind.
Jesus never asked someone to "turn" before coming to Him. He knew they never truly could. The law never made anyone righteous. Jesus knew that when someone came to Him, He would cleanse them and guide them to become light.
Jesus was never about behavior modification. He knew that someone could never be free from sin on their own because evil existed.

Without freeing someone from evil, cleansing their heart and giving them a heart transplant they would always be a slave, but even in that, He knew that without defeating evil, without being victorious at the cross, without man's need for blood quenched, without man's conscience appeased, man would never feel forgiven.
Moses and his law only exasperated the situation and worked as proof that while evil existed in man, they could never attain these directives.
Jesus didn't have to defeat sin.
He defeated evil.
For centuries people have been taught that God hates sinners and/or their sin. God didn't hate sinners nor their sin. God CRIED over sinners and CRIED over their sin. God cried over the destruction it causes. God cried over what His children did to each other. The pain, the hurt, the death. God cried.
God cried.
God didn't hate these poor, confused, deceived people, God hated evil, the serpent, his influence, his stolen dominion. His manipulation, his deceit, his lies.
Sin wasn't the issue, sin was the side effect. Dealing with sin and not the evil behind it is like putting a bandage on an infected wound. You'll still get gangrene.
As thousands, and millions, are attacking same sex couples, attacking the government, attacking BLM, attacking the Osamas, the Obamas, attacking the Kardashians, the Cyrus', the Starbucks, Hollywood, and even their own brothers and sisters, they are oblivious that they are acting like neutered lemmings.
To those who don't yet know Christ, rebuke the influence of evil in their lives, invite them to meet Christ, show them Christ, show them how He loves, treat them like the brother or sister they are, and introduce them to True Love. Then and only then will they have a heart change, a heart transplant, and have the power to leave anything that holds them back behind.
That's how you get results, its how Jesus did it.
Jesus looked upon the multitude and was moved with compassion.
When you look at those that proclaim to know Christ, that truly exhibit His Love and His goodness, that you simply don't agree with their interpretation of scriptures, that you believe are not living up to your version of biblical values, it may be you who in fact doesn't truly know Jesus.

We who truly know Love can be secure in the knowledge that Christ came and eradicated the power of evil from everyone's lives. He was victorious over death and sin and evil on behalf of everyone.

Everyone means everyone.

Those that express His scandalous Love are not a heretic. They are not wolves. They are not goats. If they profess, act out, and are engaged in sharing Jesus's Love and you believe that because they don't hate the same people you hate that they are still walking in darkness then you are the true heretic, the true delusional one.

Are you calling Jesus a liar?
"It is finished!"
"Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples."
For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.
But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.


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