If we Christians in America had to face real persecution or lack of freedoms, we wouldn't throw accusations like that around so haphazardly. My personal belief is that most of what we call persecution in our coddled society is disgraceful to the memories of the true martyrs and the experiences of those really facing persecution or lack of freedom.

When you can go on Facebook and let people know you're about to go to church, singing worship songs in your car, with your church bumper sticker or Jesus fish, handing out a tract, or saying Jesus loves you to someone you pass, and walking into a building to worship together with no fear of it being burnt down with you inside of it, being yanked out and watching your children being chopped up with a machete, and your spouse being taken to a reeducation camp and being tortured for the rest of their life, you aren't facing persecution.

Yes, I think it's a disgrace for our well fed, big gulp drinking, Big Mac eating, Walmart having, indoor plumbing, filtered water, refrigerator and pantry filled, 3 tv having, dvr using, smart phone having, netflix watching, millionaire possibility, 5 year long reality show contract having, food wasting, freedom of assembly having, self centered and selfish, judgmental, 43000 denomination, Christian tv station watching, apple and windows, wealthier than the majority of the planet Christians to claim persecution over stupid stuff like what recently happened.

That you can read this while drinking your Starbucks on your laptop in public with your bible next to you as you pray with your small group as customers are coming in or leaving and then go to city hall, get up grab a megaphone and yell "turn or burn" or grab your "God hates f***" sign and picket a funeral may just, quite obviously, prove my point.

Of course no one likes to face reality when they are being a slave to their emotions, but the bible is pretty clear about a Christian not being ruled by their flesh, that includes being ruled by emotions, because you end up like oxen being pulled by a loop in your nose this way and that


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