Who am I writing to?

I share things for people to "think about", that's it. I don't share things for people to line up high fiving me and agreeing with me on.

I have never been about that.

I just want people to think about things.

Most things that are different than what people currently believe usually shake people up, it offends, it is met with resistance, that is plain and simple human nature, your brains are wired that way.

But, it's up to you to control your emotions and take a step back and learn and grow.

Some things may seem out there, I've been there done that with those feelings, but when you take a moment to really search for truth, it will find you.

Yes, I meant to say it will find you, not you will find it.

So if you are interested in seeing things in a different light than you may have before, or are mature enough to handle and respect different view points then hang on for the ride because I'm not going anywhere.

But, if you're not, please don't get offended. I'm actually not writing to you.


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