Should I be an OT prophet?

Life would be so much easier in dealing with people (read: majority of Christians) if I spoke like an OT prophet.

Death, judgment, kill, kill, kill, steal, destroy, fire, brimstone, earthquake taking out the entire left coast of the U.S., Hurricanes killing all your babies, God hates you, He really hates you......

I may in fact give up the good fight and start doing that.


Who am I kidding, I never choose easy.

I'm gonna keep sharing TRUTH, got that, TRUTH, unashamed, unabashed, and completely shockingly scandalous TRUTH, capitalize all the letters, TRUTH, also known as GRACE and known by His most wonderful name, JESUS.

And if you can't see the love in that, maybe it's time for you to take off the religious glasses.

If I didn't love ya, I'd regurgitate the same crap that would make me a heck of a lot more popular in Christian circles.


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