Christian suicide? Why?

I hear more and more about Christians committing suicide, lately it's been a few pastors and it's very upsetting. 

This is very sad, and it's not a time you want to be disrespectful or use something as awful as this as a platform but I believe that many Christians that suffer from depression, many are suffering because of their theological beliefs or the doctrines they believe. 

I have heard a few of the core beliefs of those who have committed suicide and it saddens me. It saddens me for them, their families, their friends, but also for those that are under them. They typically are preaching mixture or against Grace.

I have been reading a few books on toxic thoughts and beliefs and I have learned in my own life and times of depression and attacks of suicidal thoughts that the core thoughts and beliefs really were the key.

When you believe God is the source of your troubles, to chasten you, to build you up, to humble you, to take you to a new level, whatever other nonsense that is preached from pulpits, then how in the world are you able to turn to Him for help in times of need?

Of course you are going to feel distant, that He's not there, silent, or is just waiting to toss lightning bolts at you, and guess what? satan knows this so he will turn up the heat, why? Because he knows you will think God's doing it, you'll accept it, and crumble to pieces thinking you're getting what you deserve.

You will walk around powerless welcoming the destruction. Destruction that more and more is leading to death.

Read this:
Hebrews 1:3a The Son radiates God’s own glory and expresses the very character of God, and he sustains everything by the mighty power of his command.

I don’t know how much clearer scripture needs to be than this. Jesus expresses the very character of God. So, if what you say or believe is of God isn't something that Jesus would do, you my friend have been deceived. You have misinterpreted the scriptures and attributed to God an attribute, personality, or action which is not of Him.

I am angry at this nonsense that is being spoken from the pulpits and how they sully Grace, I get angry because I know these toxic beliefs are building up a lot of confused, hurting, depressed believers. And these confused, hurting, depressed believers are being crushed by satan, and their families and friends are being brought down with them.

Listen, Grace is Jesus Himself.

Grace sets people free, Grace give hope, Grace builds up, Grace gives second, third, fourth chances, Grace never gives up, Grace forgives, Grace stands strong in unity, Grace destroys depression, Grace gives life, Grace places thoughts of suicide under Grace's feet, Grace destroys sin, Grace empowers you to place satan and his works underfoot, Grace is the Gospel, the Gospel is Grace, the Gospel of Grace.

Like I said I don't want to use this sad news as a platform, but this needs to be said and it needs to be shared, and it needs to be taught. Grace will stop satan's work in this country and beyond. It's satan's lies that are keeping God's children from the truth of Grace because of what Grace does.

Mixture is destroying the Gospel and is destroying His people and His pastors.

I will keep praying for these pastors and their families, and will keep praying that the truth of Grace shatters the lies, shatters the fear, shatters the mixture and shatters the misinterpretations people have of our Loving Father.


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