Outside appearances?

Christianity has gotten so focused on outside appearances that they believe that if someone or something, such as a sports star, political figure, CEO of a corporation, a corporation itself, or television station, acts like they have Christian values that means they are in fact Christian or in fact support Christianity.

They then put all their support behind that person or entity and form an emotional bond. They feel that that person or entity is a part of them and their group and they adopt them into a place in their heart.

That's not very wise, because...

When that entity, person or thing, does something un-Christian like or opposite of Christian values, they feel betrayed.

Unfortunately they haven't truly been betrayed, the person or entity didn't misrepresent themselves the Christian convinced themselves of something that wasn't an actual reality.

To add to this unfortunate situation, they feel betrayed enough that they now get genuinely upset with Christians that don't agree with them on acting upon there emotional decisions. Emotions can cause havoc. Emotions out of control have destroyed family relationships.

Is there ever a time when you should make rash decisions or choices that are based on an emotional reaction? I think not. Many times you speak without thinking and many words you cannot take back.

Just some of my thoughts that I'm tossing into the air.


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