Boycott A&E?

If you're going to boycott A&E then take the time you would have spent watching it and go feed the homeless, volunteer at a woman's shelter, help under privileged children, paint your single parent neighbor's house, heal the sick, feed the poor, spread the Gospel, do something to help someone.

If you aren't going to do anything but watch some other channel, spend your time complaining on Facebook or Twitter, or signing electronic petitions, then please, no offense, SHUT UP*.


* I wrote this part with a dramatic flair, don't get testy about it, I'm like totally kidding.

But I'm serious.

Serious, I'm just kidding.

But seriously, shut up.

I'm just pulling your leg.

So go shut up.

I am kidding.

But trying to make a point too.

Smile, Jesus loves you.

For some of you reading this that don't understand my sense of humor let me clear things up...






There are things to think about in this post but...




Thank you, drive through.


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