Don't believe in Jesus?

I'm writing this to my friends and people that don't believe in Jesus. I'm a Christian, so it's not hard to figure out my "core" beliefs. Unfortunately many have twisted and changed what the core beliefs of a Christian should be. With there being 43,000 different denominations out there it's pretty confusing for a non-believer to really know whether a Christian hates you or loves you.

Unfortunately many that have added upon and added upon the core of what it means to be a disciple of Christ are the most vocal or receive the biggest platforms when it comes to media, because of this, those are the ones that seem to become unofficial spokespersons for Christians.

It shouldn't be like that, but it happens. Christianity has bullied, and forced itself upon people. Christians have tried to legislate morality. Christians have behaved completely opposite of Christ. I apologize for that to unbelievers, but I want you to remember that beneath everything, Christians are people. They make mistakes.

I won't get into why I speak about these issues so much and am so vocal, except to say that when I speak of the Holy Spirit or Christ in us, which probably sounds like whacko talk to you, I am speaking of a power that is indescribable. We unfortunately find it very easy, speaking of Christians, to turn His voice into ours.

We have become very good at taking scriptures out of context and at excusing or finding support for our hateful rhetoric from scripture. Many have a view of God not much removed from the world. They believe God kills people's kids or parents, God destroys families, God takes your house, God makes you sick, God is in control of everything. I don't know why they even mention satan because nothing seems to be his fault.

There was a saying that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled on the earth was to convince them he didn't exist, I think it should be the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the church that it wasn't him but God killing, stealing, and destroying.

Before I lose you, I mention that so you understand that many in the church don't really see God's goodness, see Him as a God of love, they see Him as a lightning bolt throwing, taskmaster, ready to burn your butt, and in seeing Him like that, they behave the same way because they think it makes them more like God.

I don't care what you're involved with. Not because I think sin is no big deal, but because I know sin is a huge deal. Because of that I know you can't clean yourself up. I know that many things you do, you don't think are bad. I know I can't make you believe that it's bad either. I'm not gonna argue with you or quote to you from a book you don't believe. It'd be like you quoting Harry Potter to me, haven't read the book, haven't watched the movies, and don't believe in it anyways.

Instead I try to just be there for you. If you need to talk about something, I have an ear. If you need love, I'm your man, I'll love you to death and hopefully an eternity after that. Why, because that's what God and Jesus are about. I don't think you've really seen God, mainly because the ones that are supposed to show you God, haven't seen him yet.

I'm not going to promise you anything, I'm not gonna tell you that Jesus will protect you from every bad thing headed your way or that you wont have pain, hurt, or destruction in your life. But, I will tell you that Jesus will get you through it, Jesus will not let you down, Jesus will give you peace, Jesus will give you hope, Jesus will give you love. I can tell you that all that crap you have inside that you never told anyone that drives you crazy, that keeps you up at night, that just keeps you on edge, He can take it away. He can give you a quiet and calm for the first time in your life.

I'm not gonna give you a line about that you could die today, so you better make the choice right now, but I will say if you ended up reading this far, maybe today is the day you talk to Him. I'm not gonna give you different prayers to pray, all I ask is that you on our own talk to Him. If you genuinely want to know Him, He'll show himself to you and He'll show you in your heart what He did for you, and you'll believe Him.

If you want to talk more about this or have some questions, just ask. I'm not gonna trick you into anything, or even place pressure on you to believe anything, I just will listen to what you have to say and answer as best as I can. And most importantly, I'll give a crap about you and I'll respect you.


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