God is gooder

I don't understand why many Christians get mad when you proclaim a good God that is so very good all the time.

A God that came to heal, not cause, sickness. Came to calm, not cause, storms. Came to set free from, not place into, prisons.

And, you even show scriptural proof that He is gooder (I like that word) than the God they think He is, as well as historical proof that those who wrote about Him before He walked the earth had limited revelation of the difference between Him and darkness and were looking through the glass darkly.

It's like to them He's only allowed to be a certain level of good and if He gets gooder, He somehow now becomes bad.

Unfortunately their version of good includes Him doing what those not blinded know factually to be bad eg. steal, kill, destroy.

I just don't get it.

My God is gooder than I can even imagine. He's got to be to have died for the world while the world was still sinning.


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