Free speech?

I notice more and more that people involved in an issue over free speech usually don't like it when the other side speaks, or when someone with a different view than theirs speaks.

Are they really trumpeting for free speech or for speech for their view and their view alone?

In my experience I've found that I seem to not be as free to speak, or have an opinion, if it differs from people that at the same time have been posting pictures or text proclaiming their support for free speech.

Aside from that, speaking in generalities, one side or "equality group" goes out of their way to silence anyone with a different opinion about various values with strong arm tactics and threats.

And the other side or certain "assemblies" or "gatherings", reinforce their reputation of being hypocritical by trying to silence those that don't agree with them, while saying they themselves are not allowed free speech, when they are already speaking freely.

Oy vey


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