Bible studying manipulation

The picture of this soldier triggered me realizing something.

Here's the problem with bible study in this day and age, and a few days and ages before us.

People are going into it with an already formed decision of what the bible says ahea
d of time, instead of the bible and the Spirit revealing it's words.

People have been taught what the bible is supposed to say, and so when reading, that's what they read, or paint, or color into it's words.

It's how your mind works, if you have been told something says one thing over and over, your mind will fill in all the blanks and make it say that.

It's very easy to manipulate people, advertising firms have gotten rich off of it, but everyone believes they are the one person that cannot be fooled.

Watch the show
Brain Games and you'll see what your mind does without your knowledge for yourself.

Many times the thing someone is pointing out is not the correct image, but you are focusing on it because someone said to, like the face of the soldier in this picture.


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