God loves you. He really loves you. Don't believe any lies.

God actually loves people more than anyone on earth can imagine.

If you read posts from myself or others writing about God's love and think what we write or describe is too good to be true, imagine this...

He loves people even more than anything we share, no matter how eloquently we write or describe it!!

I know some Christians argue against that fact, and yes His love for people is a fact, but they are wrong.

Dead wrong.

His love is completely utterly, scandalously true.

If more Christians figured this out, there'd be the "revival" they cry out for because Love leads to repentance.

I sometimes wonder about many Christians. If they have truly met Love Himself, it should be, not even second, but first nature to love.

For some reason many don't.

What does this lack of love really say about their relationship with Love himself?


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