Hindrances to knowing Christ.

Despite what many believe, the greatest hindrance to people getting to know Christ, isn't homosexuals, atheists, muslims, etc.

It's Christians.

Go to comment boards on "controversial" subjects, for a people that are to be known by their love, they seem to be a nasty hate filled lot.

I wonder how much worse things would be if some of them had their fingers on the nuclear trigger, they'd try to get armageddon to happen on their schedule.

I've been blessed to not have to be around Christians like that at my local church, but the problem is that it doesn't really affect me either way.

But those that need to meet Christ unfortunately do run into those kinds.

I feel sorry for the lost that see that.

If I didn't have a relationship with Christ and had to see what I see from Christians, I would feel completely unwelcome and completely unloved.

But hey, the Christian can proudly proclaim they are "right"

Too bad you can be "right" but wrong at the same time.


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