Following man? Really?

Many times I get accused of "following man" due to what I share, and my beliefs. The interesting thing about that is that almost 100% of the time it's an accusation from people who's core beliefs have only been taught by "man" the last 100-150 years or so.

If you study history you would find that most modern beliefs were taught only by man and usually they served a purpose, 9 times out of 10 a negative purpose, fear, oppression, control, superiority complex, judging, hypocrisy, us against them, slave/master relationships, man on a pedestal, etc. 

 My beliefs are actually historically in tune with the church fathers, the ones who wrote scripture that people have placed on the highest pedestal, yet when you espouse the beliefs of those that wrote that worshipped bible, you get told you are not biblical.

Confused yet? Yeah, I don't get it either.

My beliefs, and what I share from wise men and women of God, empower people, they guide them into healing, themselves and others. They guide them into overcoming, struggles and other things. It leads them to not accept destruction in their lives, but to rebuke it and not let it have one place or one hold in their lives.

It leads them most importantly to know who and what brings destruction into their lives so that they can walk in union and a true loving relationship of dependence with God, their Father.

It's amusing to me that the information that I share which only strengthens someone's relationship with the Lord and points them to Jesus, is considered heretical, while their beliefs do nothing but cause a fear of separation from God, a fear to turn to Him, fear that He is going to punish them, and a disgusting belief that God is killing their child, stealing their job, destroying their marriage, etc.

If that isn't calling good evil, I don't know what it, and unfortunately those that clearly are spouting satanic beliefs seem to be in the majority and the most loud.

This satanic deception has crept into the church like a cancer, poisoning the body.

For the "last days" folks that believe God is going to give people strong delusion, and there will be an apostasy, I think I see it all around me.

Christians that call those that preach the Truth and Grace of God's scandalous, immeasurable, inconceivable, heavenly, pure, undefiled, unconditional, agape Love "heretics" while they go around speaking satanic lies about God. If that isn't delusional, and a falling away, I don't know what is.


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