Do You Really Believe In God?

My friend Sue Beach with a magnificent post, I have to share:


This may shock you but I do not believe in the Christian god. In fact, I do not believe in the god of ANY religion. They are ALL FALSE GODS!!!

I worshiped a man made god most of my life. I was raised in a strict Christian religion. I was baptized as an infant, attended church regularly and tried to follow all the rules. Like a lamb being led to the slaughter, I believed all the crap I was told from the pulpit about god. I "loved" a god I really did not know.

Then I lost my infant daughter, Christine. I experienced a gut wrenching pain that no parent should ever have to endure. I sought comfort and answers from the god of my religion but I only became more confused and hurt.

I was told that god had a greater purpose for taking my child and I needed to trust him. I was told that his ways are above our ways and there are just some things we cannot understand. I was told that god needed her in heaven. I was even told that her death was punishment for the sins of my youth.

All of these answers did NOTHING to comfort me and I decided at that moment that I would NEVER serve and could NEVER love a god that would take an innocent child's life and bring this much pain into my matter how "bad" I had behaved. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IN THIS GOD!

So I set out to find the "real God", the God my spirit longed to know. My journey took me to different Christian denominations. They all claimed to worship the "one true god", but each religion had only created its own god to match their doctrines and beliefs.

One god allowed drinking and gambling but you better not miss a holy day of obligation. And if you are an adulterer or murderer you can take communion but not if you are divorced. But there's good news! This god provides a loop hole for divorce, it's called an annulment!

Another god was even more strict and said that listening to music, wearing makeup and dancing was a sin. I could not even begin to keep track of all the sins I was committing in that god's eyes!

Then there was another Christian god who was pretty darn liberal. He allowed homosexuals to be ordained and allowed divorced people to take communion! Imagine that! But he still threatened eternal punishment if you did not adhere to his other rules.

Every religion I looked into had created their own god to match their beliefs. Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism....Even the so called Christian religions could not agree upon one god or one interpretation of the Bible.


There is NO OTHER WAY! You can read about Him all you want but you will NOT find Him in mere words on a page! THE WORD is a person! It is JESUS! He is ALIVE and He wants a REAL relationship with YOU!

You can read my blog or my posts and you can assume you know me or my beliefs. But you will NEVER know the truth about me or my heart until you know ME......really KNOW me! The same is true about God.

Now that I have an intimate relationship with God, I realize that I had been deceived by religion most of my life! God is NOTHING like the god of religion. HE IS AMAZING! He is ALL Powerful, Timeless, Ageless, Without Limits! He is the Source of ALL Life, ALL that is Good, ALL Love, ALL beauty! He is Funny, Creative, Patient, Joyful. He loves to Play, Laugh and Dance! He not only LOVES me, He LIKES me, just the way I am!

(WOOT! WOOT! HaPpY DaNcE!!!)

So if you are believing in a god that has limits, one that ignores your pain, causes it or even allows it for some greater good, then you are believing in a FALSE GOD!

If your god is sitting in judgement, expecting you to follow a set of rules to earn his love and approval, then you are believing in a FALSE GOD!

If your god is distant, silent, and your relationship depends on your behavior, or if you can be separated from him by sin or anything else, then you are believing in a FALSE GOD!

If you fear your god, or live in guilt and shame, then you are believing in a FALSE GOD!

If you have to do ANYTHING to earn your salvation, then you are not only believing in a FALSE GOD but you have just made yourself your own savior! You are basically saying that what Jesus did was NOT enough and you must add your own works to His in order to be saved.

FALSE GODS are everywhere and in every religion! People create a god to match their personal beliefs and their beliefs are based on lies! Lies the world has told them. Lies the church has told them. Lies the enemy has told them, and lies their own thoughts, emotions and senses have told them.

The TRUTH is a person too! It is JESUS!
Know HIM and you will know the TRUTH.
Know JESUS and you will know GOD and HOLY SPIRIT.
Know JESUS and you will know yourself!

So call me a Heretic, tell me I'm crazy and I don't know God.....I DON'T CARE!
Because I am IN Him and He is IN me.....We are inseparable!

Be Blessed!


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