Is this a description of your god? Not mine!

I think Caleb Miller does a good job at describing what the church and many Christians have turned the wonderful story and attributes of our wonderful, loving God, into:

"bipolar god creates man to serve him
man screws up
angry god wrathfully kicks them out of eden
man screws up
vengeful god destroys every living thing
man screws up
hippie god becomes peace loving human
wrathful god kills hippie ...
hippie son redeems man through taking the father's abuse
man has an opportunity at salvation, but only less than 1% will get it.
bipolar god laughs and laughs while billions burn."

This is why I share things that I write, and from men and women who have received wisdom from the Lord to help teach how we can get our interpretations wrong, and place the blame at the wrong Feet, as well as teach how historical beliefs affected writings in the past and currently.

One of the first places to start in proper interpretation is knowing just who steals, kills, and destroys, and knowing that the one guilty of those things is not on God's payroll.

God is not like the mafia, believe it or not. He doesn't have hit-men in his charge. Most destructive events described were the consequences of man's own flirtation with sin, which gave the true enemy place in their lives to dominate them, they reaped destruction from satan for what they sowed, it didn't come from God.

God can't break His word, if He gives dominion, it is given. His interference is limited, but as we see when He takes what is meant for bad and uses it for good, He's doing what He can with His self imposed limitations.

Meaning limitations that He placed on Himself by giving dominion to man, man giving it to satan, and His Son being victorious at the cross and bringing dominion back to man, but man now is not believing or walking in that dominion, which is evident by a lot of the destruction that is happening today that believing man could halt.


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