Love is what changes hearts

Mr. T had the perfect description of what those who know the truth of the Gospel of Grace believe. I don't think he did it intentionally, but some words he said this weekend at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony where he was inducted stood out.

Before he gave his speech, he opened in prayer, and then began to express his love and appreciation for his mother. He started by talking of the many sacrifices she made for him and his brothers. He spent an extended amount of time expressing very eloquently what her love felt like to him and how much it meant to him.

After describing the impact her love had for him, he expressed his love for her, with scriptures mixed in, and then he said something very interesting. I am going to paraphrase a little here. He said that his mother's love for him was greater than any peer pressure, stronger than any gang influence.

He wasn't afraid to get a whoopin', he wasn't afraid to go to jail, but his reaction to her love for him caused him to love his mother too much to disrespect her, he loved her too much to disobey her. He loved his mom too much to dishonor her. He said, how can he tell his mother he loves her and end up getting arrested for breaking into someone's house? He'd rather die than disrespect or dishonor his mother, he loved her too much.

You see, it wasn't fear that influenced his behavior or actions, it was love. The sheer magnitude of how much love his mom had for him, caused an outpouring of love from his heart, and that's exactly what empowers you when you know the truth of Grace.


Love is what changes hearts, what draws people in, what empowers you to just say no to any of the enemy's seduction.

While the church thinks they have to "balance" God's love with fear, they are completely off base and have been deceived. That's why they have a flock that is struggling. Fear will never cause a changed heart, just temporary changed actions.

I say again, love is what changes hearts, what draws people in, what empowers you to just say no to any of the enemy's seduction.

Love is all we need, everyone of us.


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