Religion perverts and poisons what Christ does.

When you first meet Jesus, you are filled with love. You want to introduce Him to everyone, you are so darn giddy and floating on cloud 9.

Then you get "taught" to hate, that some people or groups are bad, that certain acts, which vary from church to church and denomination to denomination, will separate you from God.

You get told to not hang out with certain people, to stay away from different places, to not listen to certain things.

Your excitement abates, you get indoctrinated, and your posts that first were filled with love and caring for others and a desire for others to know this One who loves you so much, turn to "warning", pointing out "false teachers", accusing, berating, attacking, judging.

No one is off limits, not even your best friend, your parents, your siblings. You excuse it by saying Jesus said He came to set you against your family.

Scriptures begin to be taken out of context, what is to be used to guide people to Christ, the Word that is supposed to make Jesus known to others, is now used to decapitate people.

The Word is used to chop the heads off of more people than all of the guillotines that are supposedly going to chop off the heads of Christians based on your new found "end times" theology.

Maybe the end times theology of Christians heads being chopped off mean that in the end times those that say they know Christ, will be cutting off the heads of everyone that doesn't agree with their theology using His Word.

Wouldn't that be ironic.

But, I digress, the whole point of this is that religion totally perverts and poisons what Christ does in someone's life.

Then, when that person finds out how they were hoodwinked and bamboozled by those they trusted and chooses to walk away from traditions of man and let God actually do the teaching, they get stomped on, verbally eviscerated, and called out as not knowing God.


That is why I am not silent, why I speak up and I share what I do. I have a God that is loving, that loved me, and loves all the people you hate, He died for them after all, do you even understand that?

He died for the people that you don't want to serve, that you boycott companies that give them a job, and that you would stop supporting an underprivileged child over.

That's insanity right there, what in the world is Christ-like in that?

I pray more come out from under this dark cloud. It's easy to hate, it's way harder to love, unless you are completely consumed by Love himself, then it is so easy.

Many don't understand the love that myself and others have, it's not because we don't know God or that we are making God in our image, it's that you don't know Him as well as you think you do and you have made Him in your image.

An image of a hateful, killing, destroying God is completely man's image and version of Him. Jesus showed how ignorant and incorrect that image is, and yet still people can't believe it to be true.

Well, I'll spend my last breath telling people how good He is and how wrong you are. I'd much rather walk with you, than against you, that is my deepest desire one I pray for, but you give me no choice.

I want people to know who He really is and run to Him, I cannot sit idly by as they are running from the beast you portray Him to be.

I am not mad at you, I am not wanting to separate from you, I am saddened by you, but you have already been found. There are many that are still lost, they are my priority, and teaching them different, and keeping them from the lies I was taught is of utmost importance.


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