The genealogy of Jesus

When you study the genealogy of Jesus and notice that he has prostitutes in his bloodline, women who got their father drunk and had sex with him committing incest, murderers, adulterers, people not of Israelite bloodlines, people who had pre-marital sex, and other people who have done pretty wild things, you realize a lot of quite interesting things.

But I'm just going to share two of the most obvious things here:

1 ) Based on His "family" He probably doesn't give 2 farts about your past, and your "family", so don't let that hinder you from turning to Him. And, don't let that disqualify you in your mind from being able to do some big things for Him.

2 ) I think that kind of crushes the ignorant theology of generational curses, because He'd have had been in a ton of trouble from the start. But proper reading of scripture should have settled that in your mind already.


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