Jesus healing by the power of darkness?

Something to think about. When Jesus walked the earth the biblical scholars at the time witnessed Him healing and accused Him of healing by the power of darkness.

That's their first thought, it must be darkness. Their "god" kills and destroys sinners, commits genocide and various acts of wrath, according to them, so it can't be God loving on sinners.

Their perception of God was so warped they truly believed the most delusional things.

Yet, people refuse to believe that the writers of scripture in the OT had a warped perception of God as well, which influenced their writings and we should use Jesus as the litmus test for what God would or wouldn't do.

We have members of the body that believe He chops off His own limbs for some greater purpose. A shepherd never abuses sheep, they are much too valuable.

Don't be brainwashed into the same warped perception people currently have.


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