Struggling to pray for your leaders?

You think Obama is so bad and so evil, and you just can't find it in your heart to pray for our leaders?

Jesus had His disciples and the many followers of His praying for, and :::gasp:::, obeying even, their leaders...

even a leader like Nero.

Nero of all people!

You haven't seen brutality until you find out what Nero did to Christians, yet Jesus wanted His followers to pray for and obey that guy.

You cover your eyes or just plain refuse to even watch the torturous scenes in horror movies?

The utter depravity and sheer psychosis of Nero puts that to shame, and he actually did these things to people in real life, it wasn't make believe or special effects.

Look around, we still live in one of the wealthiest countries, with opportunities even today, and you can even worship your God with no fear of being put on a stake and burned alive having your body used as a night light to light up your local city park by your leaders, and you really find it so, so difficult to pray for them?

Screaming about being warriors, but don't have the strength to humble yourselves and pray for your "enemies"?

It's time for a change, we gotta do better.


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