Where is my hope?

Hope will never come in the form of a politician, in the shape of an animal, nor draped in red, white, and blue.

Mainstream Christianity has decided to involve itself quite intimately into war, politics, and nationalism. It's almost like witnessing ourselves in the throes of adultery against the One whom we are married to when we finally open our eyes to where much of our "love" actually belongs.

Oh, how we never should have trusted the lies.

When I hear that one party or the other is the "Christian party", or that one country or another is a "Christian nation" I throw up a little in my mouth and then I shake my head because we all have gotten sold a bad bill of goods by leaders (of the church) and teachers (of the church) for far too many years.

But any destruction of this country has been in the works for more than 8 years, and overlapped both parties, it's not surprisingly represented by gold, and is known by the name of greed.

Envision a serpent cloaked in shiny baubles.

When you see who actually owns this nation, it's politicians, and it's political parties, you realize how the in-fighting with your fellow citizens over an animal or a direction, was just one big diversion from the true source of our downfall.

We are poisoned in our food, drugged in our drinking water, and intoxicated by our own reflections, as corporations net record profits quarter after quarter.

We get abused more and more by those indebted to this serpent who is truly in power. We end up poorer and poorer, both materially and also spiritually through our hostilities directed towards each other and our loyalties to animals, directions, and flags.

Oh, how crafty and cunning this defeated adversary is. He has convinced us to see him everywhere, but to ignore the place he truly lays his head. And he has persuaded us to fight in every other manner than the only one that would actually bring us close to the victory and the Victor.


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