Forced into peace?

People keep sharing that if Arabs put down their weapons they would have peace with Israel, but if Israel put down its weapons there would be no Israel.

How quickly people forget AD70.

Those who dropped their weapons and fled for the hills per Jesus' advice all lived, from the oldest to the youngest. These survivors all dropped their weapons. They did the opposite of what many Christians think people should do in that circumstance.

Those who didn't listen to Jesus' words, who behaved as many Christians think they should, who didn't trust His ways as the best ways, and didn't accept Him as the Messiah because He didn't conquer His enemies through war, ended up waging war and they picked up their swords and were all killed and thrown into Gehenna.

They say history repeats itself, let's hope it's not true. But if you live be the sword you will eventually die by the sword.

One person has to drop the sword first, because they want to not because they are forced to, for peace to occur.


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