Undue pressure

Are we as Christian parents putting undue pressure on our children or feeding into the growth of arrogance and superiority, with the constant speaking over them of platitudes in the church calling them "world changers", telling them they will do great things for God, telling them they will become great, etc.?

Can't we simply tell them that we, and God, are proud of them, and we, and God, love them unconditionally, and we, and God, support wherever the light leads them on their path, and we, and God, are there for them every step of the way?

Is it a disservice to step back and let God direct and guide them to change the world whether their world will consist of an entire country, a single household, or a single person?

Have we decided what doing great things for God consists of and then warped their minds into believing that unless they speak to crowds of 10 thousands they have fallen short and not lived up to God's expectations? 

I'm all for speaking things over others in faith, but could my, our, well intentions actually cause damage and hinder them touching the one because they feel pressured, and are only focused on, touching the thousands? 

When our dreams have been warped to envision that we can only be satisfied, or achieve greatness, by having a flock of 100s of thousands, and we stop seeing a single person as the sheep that Jesus leaves the 7,000,000,000 to find, is it right to let our views warp the dreams of our youth?

By doing what we are doing, are we really any different than the over bearing forceful beauty pageant mothers living their selfish dreams through their adolescent children and stealing their childhood?

Is there a better way, a way of dependence on God to build them up, a trust in God that He is satisfied with ours, and our children's, every move?

Just some thoughts rattling around in my head.


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