God's chosen people.

I am saying this in a sympathetic manner.

If you are a believer in Christ, in Jesus as your Messiah, you are in fact a part of a group called "God's chosen people." We must be careful to not get confused over things and turn other people or groups into demigods or idols due to misinterpretation.

Anyone that has told you something different, and even argued it with scripture, or if you have come to this conclusion yourself, that a different group other than believer's in Christ of any nation, sex, or background are "God's chosen people", that is very bad exegesis or hermeneutics.

I know it can be confusing, but the Spirit will be only too happy to let you know who you are in Christ and your value to Him, He absolutely loves to convict you, convince you, of your righteousness through Christ and how special you actually are.

Don't get caught up in idolatry of any sort.

I wanted to add that God loves all people, this is not meant for a believer to get big-headed or feel superior to another person. The Spirit will not lead you to feelings of superiority over any man. If anything you are a servant to all.


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