Know God, Know Jesus, Know Spirit, then you can know the truths from the bible

It's funny with all the times I share that the bible doesn't make the claims people do about itself, those same people do so many things that are not biblical even though they cling so strongly to this inerrant argument and try to beat me up with scriptures. I seem to hold the words of scripture in higher esteem than they do, knowing it is not inerrant.

Ok, if you follow your bible stop crying out for "more" of God, you have the fullness. Stop asking for God's presence, He will never leave or forsake you, or that you are separated from Him, nothing can separate you from His Love. Stop calling yourself a sinner, you are a Saint. Stop holding on to your old man, the old man is dead, you are a new creation. Stop "carrying your cross" you carry it once and then you died with Him, you were buried with Him, and you rose with Him. I could go on and on showing how unbiblical the most biblical claim to be.

There are 3 things you need to really understand scripture. In short to know God the Father intimately, to know Jesus the Son intimately, and to listen to the Spirit, the Spirit that has filled you completely, not 1/2, 3/4, 1/8, but 100%. When you know them, truly know all 3, their full character and attributes, you see clearly that those who did not have those 3 things spoke of things and claimed actions being from God that were not His doing. When you become intimate with God, just as with your spouse, when someone makes a claim about them that doesn't line up with what you know of them, you know how to distinguish it as a lie. No matter how well intentioned, prominent, or "holy" the one accusing them is, even when it's a writer of scripture.

Jesus introduced a foreign concept, an unheard of concept, an unbelievable concept, He introduced God as "Father". He introduced Himself as so many things that those that didn't truly have that intimacy with Him didn't know or see. And they then, just as too many do now, held on to their beliefs about God even with God Himself in front of them. Their beliefs that they had in a large part due to reading a scroll in the synagogues, a scroll that they believed was God, just as many do now. Yet so many find it so hard to realize this truth, simply because their mental intimacy is with a book not in fact with Christ.

When Jesus walked the earth He showed the true character of God. A God who doesn't just hang out with the "clean" people but loves and spends time with the ones the "godly" see as the dirtiest. A God who forgives His enemies, instead of paying them back in kind. A God who doesn't destroy those against Him and force them out of their territory to occupy it, but loves on them drawing them to Him and to walk in the truth of being His children. A God that doesn't overthrow the government, but actually heals those in power, compliments their faith, and draws them to a true life saving, life changing belief in Him.

A God that heals sickness, not causes sickness. A God who rebukes the work of the enemy, not invites it in to do his "dirty work". A God who calms storms, not creates them. A God who gives life, not takes it. A God who would give of Himself dearly and painfully so His Son could be victorious over sin and darkness and provide freedom to the human race, His beloved bride.

A God that many in the church don't believe in because they refuse to see Him for who He is, and not for who they believe He is. They refuse to truly believe in the magnitude, the scandalousness of unconditional Love because they don't know truly know Love Himself yet, so it's impossible to. A God that goes through any lengths to find a single lost sheep. A God that sees a lost son from afar and runs His fastest to meet Him and instead of scolding, instead of looking for an explanation, instead of giving an "I told you so", hugs His child and throws a celebration.

That's my God, He wants desperately to be yours, but it's going to take you to stop believing lies about Him, no matter where they are coming from.


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