Public opinion

They had reached a point in time years before where facts no longer mattered, opinion did. People themselves didn't want to hear facts because with the facts came responsibilities to uphold the "right" thing, and many due to their own biases, bigotry, hatred, or prejudices were clamoring for a way to escape guilt over supporting actions their conscience told them was wrong.

 Those in power quickly realized what the public was clamoring for and they placed enormous sums into controlling public opinion, they realized that they could get away with any atrocious acts if they simply manipulated people into believing their lies. The lies became more and more brazen, but the people still wallowed in them like pigs in slop.

 A time came where it became an every day occurrence. The worst part was when those who are to have a different mind relished in the whispers of deception and gladly ate of the dark bile they were being fed out of the mouths of serpents. They began to savor the art of ignoring inconsistencies, ignoring whispers in their hearts warning them, ignoring facts, ignoring truth. ignoring the voice of Truth.

 To those free of the grip it disgusted them to see how powerful of a drug mendaciousness is, and how addicted to the mendacious many became. Those that were free were waiting patiently for the day all of the world's eyes would be opened.


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