National "day" of prayer? Day?

It's great that it's the National Day of prayer and all, if that's your thing, but we are in union with Christ on the daily, 24/7/365, we can pray all day erryday. It's cool to promote a single day, but have we fallen short in promoting the truth of "Christ in me" and the indwelling Holy Spirit?

I'm not against corporate prayer, or setting aside a day to pray, I have no beef with either of those things, but I feel that the church hasn't really been taught that prayer encompasses more than sitting on your knees, laying prostrate on the floor, with your eyes to the ground or to the sky.

Nor has the church been taught that the prayer of a single righteous man is as powerful as the cries of a million. Some depend, yes depend, on every ministry on the internet, every pastor, every bishop, every elder, praying for them, with the ill-gotten wrong belief that their prayers don't have as much clout.

A single Christian has the same Holy Spirit that Christ had that empowered Him to walk in miracles, signs, wonders, healing the sick, calming storms, casting out demons, making people whole. You want to pray for the nation? Pray whatever day or everyday, but your prayer is as powerful as the cries being heard today, but even in that, many of the cries will be cries for God to do things He has already equipped us to do.

God's arms are not too short, His workmen are not educated enough to know that they are the ones that can, as stated above, walk in miracles, signs, wonders, healing the sick, calming storms, casting out demons, making people whole. Instead of crying out, just walk and do. He has equipped each and every single one of us to do this.

Trust Him in you, not what someone told you about miracles, or what someone told you about God being in control of everything, He needs workers to do work, son... or daughter. So start believing and rebuke storms, heal your friends, family, and strangers, cast out demons, bring Christ into people's lives and make them whole.

On this day where people are focused on one thing, walk into those crowds and heal some of your own brothers and sisters in Christ that need freedom from various bondages, start a chain reaction of people empowered to change the world, because the power is already in them, and you, just waiting to explode!


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