A Christian cancer has infected the body

I was watching something recently and I found it very interesting. It was one of those elimination types of shows. On this particular show it was an artistic competition with 3 judges who would rate the artists' work and then make a decision on who would be the weakest artist to be put up for elimination.

A certain artist on the show went up against another artist for elimination. Two of the artists not up for elimination were helping that other artist to defeat him and send him packing. The artist made a comment that the other artists needed 3 people to beat him because they “feared” him.

That was his honest perception of the situation. The problem was that it was not only completely in error, but even sadder, that you could not convince him of his error. He was stuck believing a lie and nothing could convince him of the truth.

You see, they wanted him gone because he was not pleasant to be around. He had a very abrasive personality. He suffered from a huge ego. He could not take constructive criticism, but he could sure dole out de-constructive criticism of people work that was far superior to his own. He would have an excuse for how any critics of his art were wrong, come up with some justification as to why they were wrong, even if it defied the laws of logic.

He was just a big jerk and no one wanted him around. But, again, he didn’t see it that way. He thought other people were weaker than him, they weren’t as smart or talented, they were jealous of him, the list went on. He was an egotistical, narcissistic, butthole and couldn’t see it in himself.

I am conveying this because, sadly enough, I see similar behavior in a place that it should not be happening, in Christianity. People that are not supposed to be so arrogant, self centered, and nasty are out there treating both other Christians, as well as the lost, so disgusting. And then afterwards they come up with these delusional statements as to why people don’t want to deal with them, discuss things with them, or be around them.

The saddest part is when they use the words of scripture to support what is happening to them. You know, the one where if Jesus was hated, they will be hated as well. But people don’t dislike them because of Jesus, they dislike them in spite of Jesus, because these people are so far from behaving as Jesus did. It gets even sadder when they pick and choose scriptures or use them out of context to use Jesus’ actions towards the self righteous as a way to defend their evil deeds towards the non self righteous. Talk about calling good evil and evil good, they have mastered that.

I hate having to write about this, and them, but it needs to be done because these types have infiltrated the body. Almost like a virus, a bacteria, or a cancer. They are all around us and they have gotten so good at imitating a healthy part that you don’t know they are there until it’s too late and the poison is revealed.

When you witness a so called “Christian” that would actively try to goad someone into responding to them by stooping to insults or name-calling, there is a problem within them. Effectively they use the bait of satan, actual satanic tactics of causing offense in others, to get someone to respond to them. This satanic behavior is done by someone that will then claim to wholeheartedly be a follower of Christ. This gives me pause when I reflect upon if in fact they are in relationship with a God that is Love.

It’s sad that the body has been infected by this diseased flesh. In the natural you would cut that flesh out and dispose of it properly; Thankfully for them we live by the supernatural. We know that the Spirit can cleanse any and all diseased flesh; so we should walk in forgiveness for these deceived folk that walk by flesh. We pray for them, and we trust Him to keep His own. We don’t retaliate, we don’t stoop to their levels, we don’t give in to the temptation, and we certainly do not give in to the spirit of offense.

So I ask those of you out there when you witness this, do not try to engage with them, poison begets poison. Love on them, love begets love. Smile, stay classy, stay cheery, stay Christ like. You have Him in you as well as the Holy Spirit to strengthen you to love those that should be your friend but are in fact your enemy. Don’t let them get to you, simply smile knowingly, and nod. Do not let their poison infect your health; do not let them suck you into their vortex of evil. It’s not worth it.


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