Is satan God's b@%&#?

Just thinking out loud...

If satan is just God's obedient attack dog, being used to do God's will, then God would be in sin for punishing him for his actions.

If satan's work is God's will then satan can not be charged with any crimes against God or humanity, he cannot be punished simply for being obedient.

If God is the one leading satan by the nose and guiding or approving of him doing and influencing the disgusting things darkness is involved in, then the guilty party deserving of punishment would be God.

Of course people come up with different ways to justify their beliefs of God using darkness, and they will swear up and down that if their belief is true that this is somehow a "holy" act, but that is a stretch.

There's nothing holy about darkness and anyone or anything that is actively, maliciously, and intimately involved with darkness and it's fruit in people's lives quite simply cannot be called good.


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