Ignorant prophets

I stumbled upon this site of Christopher Gregory, a "prophet", http://thepropheticnews.com/2014/05/06/a-warning-to-america-and-the-church/,  I normally don't like to give sites like this air time, but I use this as an example of the way so many are ignorant of the source of destruction. I read blogs like these so that I can know where to direct prayers, and what to speak out against. You see, this is the stuff that those that understand the New Covenant and our standing and place of dominion have to step up and speak against in the name of Jesus.

Prophets like the one who runs this blog, instead of speaking against these curses that God shows them is on the horizon, they actually support the curses and when God shows them satan's plans, they stand back spouting hate and using this as a judgment against those they don't like. Instead of stopping satan in his tracks, they allow satan place to cause destruction.

This is an example of the satanic curses coming out of the mouths of those who profess to be Christians. They receive a warning so that they intercede, but instead they call satanic storms onto people. They call fire from the prince of the air to fall from the skies. This is not how a true prophet should behave. This is God showing what satan wants to bring to this country and it's people so that we intercept it!!

Instead of heading this off at the pass, this prophet places the blame at God's feet when God is so clearly trying to warn people of satan's plans and warn people that their actions can give satan the place and dominion in their lives to bring destruction on them. God is trying to mobilize His people to charge against the enemy, and quench the destruction he so greedily desires.

Wise Christians, I implore you to speak out against this destruction that the thief wants to bring down onto this country and others. Show people the God of Love and let them be drawn to a love that totally engulfs a person and leads them to love their neighbors and leads them to be a light and warmth that draws the lost.

We need more that walk in the power to calm storms, raise the dead, heal the sick, and lead others to freedom. Join me in speaking against the work of the enemy, and making it known to those out there who the source of these destructive acts really is, satan. As well as who our Father, that has come to save us and give us life abundantly, really is.

satan steals, kills, and destroys. Jesus restores, renews, reconciles, and rebuilds.


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