Listen, learn, run, grow

I agree with Jeff Turner on this wholeheartedly, please visit his blog at for many messages and videos of his preaching.

Enjoy these words by Jeff Turner:

If you are in the same place in your beliefs today as you were 10, 20, or 30 + years ago, one of two things is going on - 1.) You are the luckiest son of a gun on earth, and out of 7 billion + people just happen to be the *ONE* who believed everything right the first time around, or 2.) You've stopped listening, learning, and running headlong towa
rds truth at all costs.

Christianity, and life in general, while being a place of rest and arrival, is also a continuous journey on which beliefs are shed and new ones are gained; old paradigms are challenged and new ones emerge to take their place. There is something to be said for stability, sure, but there's also something to be said about stagnation. Teachers specifically ought to be constantly growing in their understanding of Who God is and of how His universe functions. The moment you think you've figured it out, or even when you think you've *MOSTLY* figured it out, is typically when you're on the brink of seeing how wrong you've had things figured.

Never settle.

Constantly listen, learn and grow.

There is far more to our God and to His creation than we've dared to imagine.


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