Does a pastor have to affirm his beliefs? Or can he learn new beliefs?

Something I've been thinking about for a little while...

I feel sorry for a lot of pastors. Among all the other issues that many have written about to bring awareness of, one other thing that quite a lot of pastors have to suffer from is a fear of growth. What I mean is that if they grow in their theology and it goes against something their congregation or denomination they are a part of believes, they will at  best be called names, at worst be out of a job and livelihood.

So in many cases their learning has to be more of an affirming, quite a lot of pastors can't stretch themselves because it can cost them a roof over their heads. It's really sad, and it's clearly not what God had in mind when establishing the church. We know that none of us have arrived, we are all seeing things through a glass darkly, but sometimes we behave as if pastors have all the answers or have arrived and keep them stuck in one rut or we turn on them. What a burden.

So I personally am leery of ever entering into any type of paid ministry in most mainstream churches. I would never choose to have to be a prisoner of certain beliefs to pay my bills, and I would never feel comfortable in that position as someone in place to lead others. How could I teach others when I have been forced into a stagnancy in my own growth for fear of rocking the boat?

So, I am thankful for where I'm at, I'm also thankful for all the other teachers I have been blessed to come into contact with on social media. The ones that can open their eyes as wide as they can and not have to fear. I have learned valuable things from many in my life, including many, many pastors, don't get me wrong. But if you read the bios of most that are walking truly as a new wineskin, they walked away from a congregation and had to start anew when they received revelation of their old beliefs not having them on the right path.

So with my sadness also comes a gladness. I am glad for those that work normal jobs, don't have radio, TV, or book deals, but they spend their time sharing the things God shows them. They get no pay, and many times face a ton of backlash, but they are there day in and day out spreading truth in Grace. How can you not be touched, motivated, inspired, and appreciative of what they do. They don't have a title so people show then not even a quarter of the respect they show a pastor, and treat them with not even a quarter of the respect they treat a pastor, but they stay with it. That is an inspiration.

So, yeah, I feel sorry for pastors because many cannot walk in the freedom Christ was victorious in His actions to provide them, and it sucks that they are in that position, but they choose it. I however choose to selfishly protect my freedom. Will I be a pastor one day? If it happens you can be sure that I will never follow the traditional church model, I will take it back to Acts. So my friends, you may not get a paycheck, you may not get thanks, you may not get appreciated, and you may face abuse, but you all are in fact the backbone of the church, whether the IC likes it or not, and I say to you, keep on keepin' on!!


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