Where is your faith and salvation found?

I find is so disturbing that many Christians their faith and their salvation is found not in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, but in Father, Son, Spirit, Bible, Israel.

When did we become a people that worshipped idols? Are we really like the Israelites worshipping a golden calf or 2 or 3?

The Bible points to Jesus as Savior, the Bible is not however your Savior.

Israel is a people that God loves, Israel is not however your God.

To belittle the majesty and splendor of God by forcing Him into a box, or a book, or claiming that not to show reverence and worship as demigods a people who choose to deny His place as Messiah means you are against God is absolutely, factually, scripturally, and indisputably codswallop.

And then to actually denigrate and slander those who love Christ, and Christ alone as Savior, and choose not to engage in idolatry of any sort, is disgusting and such anti-Christ behavior.


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