Escape from Gaza

Anyone watch the movie "Escape from New York"?

Anyone been to Manhattan Island? Anyone notice how crowded it is? There's about 3 million people on the island during the day

Well in the movie I'm speaking of, Manhattan Island was surrounded by a wall and was used as a prison.

I think a lot of people should watch the movie, it would help people understand the logistics of current events a little bit better.

If you take Manhattan island and make it a little over twice as long and a little over twice as wide, and get rid of about a million people, down to a little under 2 million people on it, you'd have Gaza. But add the walls from "Escape From New York" only push them up against the island.

Oh, and remove all the sky scrapers so the space for living is even more limited and much more cramped.

Now imagine that you're in that prison and you didn't do a darn thing. What would your outlook in life be? Would you get a little bit angry? Would you wonder why some country on the other side of the world helps your jail guards? Would you begin to lose empathy towards your jail guards as they go through the prison beating or killing your friends and family?

See, it'd be one thing if your jail guards had a legitimate reason for keeping you and your family there to suffer, not that they ever have a legitimate reason to abuse you or your family, but when you did nothing wrong except being born there, you kind of get pissed off and as we all know, it it very easy to do stupid things when you are mad.

We have all seen movies where people are in prison, and the people did deserve to be there, but when they are mistreated by the guards or the warden we get upset and want things to change. Now just imagine the guards and warden are mistreating them and the prisoner is actually innocent and did nothing wrong.

A wise saying is if you treat someone like an animal they will begin to behave like an animal. Who's fault is it? The person treated like an animal, or the one mistreating them?

Unless you open the cage, the person will never learn how to be himself, he will just act like the animal you are treating him like.

That's why the walls around Gaza need to fall and a two party state needs to be recognized, because the only choice is a two party state or genocide, there is no in-between.

Hopefully this lesson isn't learned too late. (SKIP TO 2:40)


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