Pro life? Really?

It's interesting how "pro life" Christians are, except when it comes to Arabs or Muslims. 

You can't abort a fetus, but you can bomb pregnant Arab or Muslim women and kill their children to your hearts content in the name of a "holy war." 

Like war is "holy," you dolt. 

Makes perfect sense. Maybe that's why the world thinks that the Christian "religion" is full of crap. 

"Christians" have decided which lives are worthwhile and which are worthless, but don't let anyone else make that decision, not even God who has said all life is in His image.

Maybe they can learn some lessons from Israel to use on abortion clinics, they can absolve themselves of people's deaths in them by bombing them and claiming "human shields."


Anonymous said…
Situation in Gaza is not the same as abortion clinics. When you abort a fetus, you are intentionally do the killing, and it is wrong, with the exception if the fetus harms the safety and well being of the mother then the parent can decides on the abortion. Israel attacks on Gaza however, is not intentional killing of innocent people, it is true that innocent people get killed accidentally because of the attack, but the primary target of the attack is the terrorist, not innocent people. Christian believe that it is wrong to abort a fetus and bomb a car with pregnant women, whether she is arab, muslim, buddist, asian or africans. Which pro-flie Christian are you referring that says they are ok with bombing of pregnant women?

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