He is a good God!

Why is it so hard for many Christians to believe that a God that would go through the lengths He has to bring you home, is a good God?

Religion, aka the voice of the enemy, has done a marvelous job of separating the truth of God's goodness from the hearts of His people.

The shepherd leaves the ninety nine for the one and when he finds the one he calls his friends to celebrate.

The woman who loses her coin searches for it all through her house and when she finds it she calls her friends to celebrate.

The father waits daily and when he sees his prodigal son at a distance, a far distance, runs out to him, brings him home and calls his friends to celebrate.

This is the revelation of a good God!!

The sheep did nothing for the love it received, the coin did nothing for the value attached to it, the son did nothing for the position he had.

And I don't even have to bring up the cross. For God so loved the world...

Holy cow people, God is so unbelievably, unimaginably, scandalously good and some of you don't want to believe it!

What in the world is wrong with you?


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