My own little utopia

People think I'm naive for promoting peace and diplomacy in place of war. Saying that if people walk in peace they will just be killed or abused. You have to fight to live. People can't come together at a table, break bread, drop egos, and make a change. 

Maybe you're right, maybe people are hopeless, maybe people are self absorbed, ego driven, prideful, selfish, greedy, war mongering, vindictive, vengeful, wicked, deceptive, and evil.

Maybe that's all true. But you know what? War only brings the negative out in people, so what do you think feeds those negative emotions in man? Certainly not peace.

Looking at the crime rate and the amount of wars going on across the world right now, and the deaths and abuse in all of those wars, your way doesn't seem to have much of a leg to stand on either. So it's not like shooting for peace can make things any worse.

You may be surprised by the results.


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