Will the real Jesus please stand up.

Violence loving, or justifying, American Christians™ just can't handle me preaching non-violence. For the last couple years, they have mocked me, berated me, chastised me, have called me coward, and more. The sad thing is that they think that they are in fact doing a better job of following Christ by vowing vengeance or death on someone who may hurt them or their family.

It's funny because the only thing I'm actually doing is preaching the exact same message Jesus preached. That's all! Yet these American Christians™ are so committed to the idolatry of enemy hate that it goes completely over their heads that that's in fact what I'm doing.

I'm sorry that me being a Christ follower steps all over the adulterous relationship some American Christians™ have with Zeus, Mars, or Horus, but I have small feet so I have to make a lot of foot steps to stomp on those anti-Christ beliefs, so don't plan on seeing me stop preaching the message of Christ any time soon.

It'd be nice if American Christians™ could start demanding their favorite pastors or teachers got out of their ignorant culture war, exclusionary, sermons of nationalism with a fake imitation of Jesus draped in a red, white, and blue flag, and actually preached the true Gospel.

Maybe then what I write wouldn't be so foreign to American Christians™. Incidentally, if they actually read their bible without the voice of their favorite pastors or teachers in their ears, they could see exactly where my message came from.



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