I hate no man, not even those that teach things I most ardently oppose.

The things I speak out against, while seemingly having a human face, are actually mind states or belief systems. I've for many, many years spoken publically that a man is not defined by their behavior, meaning a man at his core and their behavior can be completely different things. Most times the behavior is caused by a faulty mind state, or belief system. this occurs in all men, regardless of class, color, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

We do not wage a physical war, we don't wage war against our fellow man, we wage a spiritual war, we wage a war against deception, against hate, against envy, against manifest destiny, against nationalism, against exceptionalism, against any and all beliefs that certain are chosen and others are less than, all of these things, and more, are lies that infect our minds. Lies born and bred from darkness.

So I use the term American Christians™ to apply to a belief system that has infected the church. A belief system that has caused Christians in this country and others we send our missionaries towards, to believe that God is in action the same as the Greek or Egyptian gods, as Michael Hardin states, a "Janus-Faced god". We have turned a message of Love from a Prince of Peace into a message of war. A message of forgiveness into a message of vengeance. We justify our behavior by pointing to the men of old.

It's interesting that American Christians™ believe in the same image of God that people hundred and thousands of years before Jesus walked the earth believed in. They see God in the same light as those that never saw Jesus, that did not have the indwelling Holy Spirit. How can you see God in a light that Jesus spoke clearly that until meeting and seeing Him, they didn't truly know God? Based on that alone, American Christianity™ is an utter failure. It hasn't raised Christ followers, it has raised followers of a hybrid of Zeus, Ra, Horus, Vishnu, and Apollo.

The system and it's teachings is broken, until we get down to the simplicity of the Gospel, and the truth of Jesus' non violent beliefs, teachings, and actions, we are doomed. Doomed to be swallowed up by darkness. So yes, I will continue to speak out, but remember I am not, even when a name is applied, speaking against man, but speaking against his destructive, darkness inspired belief systems.


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