AD70, or the un-secret secret that must stay a secret.

American Christianity™ has to cling to the belief that Revelation and Jesus, speak about a future event and not the events of AD70. The reason being is that if they learned it relates to AD70 most of their theology falls apart and the Western Church would implode.

Almost all of the supposed "prophets" would be found to be sham artists, all their hatred towards others could not be blamed on God, they would have to admit it's their own dark hearts, they would have to take responsibility for their exclusionary behavior, one more sign of the darkness in their hearts, and they would have to admit that the "word from God" they always talk about is the cries of their own demented hearts wanting to murder billions and watch the suffering of those they don't like.

So no, learning that the events relate to AD70 will never catch on in the Western Church or American Christianity™...

It cant.


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