Worship Him or it?

Many shout as loud as can be that every problem in the world can be solved with the bible. They hold it up, they carry it everywhere, share memes with it's words, in every conversation try to bring it's writings into play. I've seen them actually bow to it, I've seen them sing songs of worship to it. And even worse, I've even heard and seen them call it a Name meant only for the actual Messiah, not to be used for an object of parchment or leather.

Yet at this point in time there are more bibles in circulation, and continuing to be printed, than any other book in existence. It is available in print, audio, and in digital formats. Some have it's every word memorized. It has gotten to the point where there are only a small percentage of humans that cannot access it's words in one way or another, yet I look around and see nary a problem truly solved.

If anything I see more problems that have been caused due to it's use, as well as problems that have been brought out of its pages by American Christians™. From slavery, to abuse, to discrimination, to racism, to bigotry, to gender bias, to greed, to war, to death, to defending use of weapons, to not helping the poor, to killing animals for sport, and even speaking curses over this land and others.Yes, I've seen all of this, and much more, introduced by people holding the book and it's words up high in the sky.

Why is this?

Perhaps these people should repent, allow Christ to renew their mind, and turn from this problematic mentality. Perhaps they should recognize that every problem cannot be solved by the bible, but every problem can in fact be solved by Jesus, and Jesus alone. Perhaps they should do a better job at actually following Him and His words, like His message of Love, His message of turning the other cheek, His message of sacrificing your rights, His message that looks completely opposite of the message American Christians™ live by today. Perhaps they should be actively concerned with His message of taking care of the poor, the marginalized, the disenfranchised, and the abused among us.

The bible, while valuable, has no power and never claimed to have any. As I said, in most human hands it has been used to enslave others, or embolden discriminatory, damaging attitudes and beliefs, which have left people under harm, abuse, and even death. Your reaction to this piece will be evidence of whether you have an unhealthy idolatry in your heart or not. So perhaps people should do as the bible says, share and spread Him, not their faulty interpretations of the book that as clear as clear can be, states that it's true purpose, it's whole purpose, is to point to Jesus, Jesus the Christ, the Messiah, the Lamb of God. And not in any way is it's purpose to point people to itself...


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