Tricks are for kids.

The greatest trick satan ever pulled was getting people to look at the bible as a "how to" guide for living their life, with every word on equal footing with Jesus Himself, rather than seeing scripture as the greatest story ever told showing man's ignorance of God and pointing people away from a false separated view of God, and towards an illumination of the Abba, God truly is, in the form of relationship with Jesus.

This has caused man to not look at the founding relationship God had with Adam. They don't see the real truth of what God desired. How God did not sit on a throne with Adam prostrate like a worm before Him. God instead chose to travel down from the heavens and walk side by side with Adam enjoying the companionship of the creation He loves.
But due to this "trick", these men look at the separated status the Israelites were born into and try to emulate that mixed in with what they now know of Jesus, or their interpretation of who Jesus is. Man loves to make damaging mixtures, not just of law and grace, but a mixture of son and slave in their dealings with God.

They cower before Him in what they deem humility, covering their heads, repeating songs of separation, imitating the rites and passages of the Israelites, making the victory Jesus had on the cross and the tearing of the veil of little importance in their dealings with God.

All because they are taught not to read scripture as a story of a people being guided towards, and learning the truths of God. Instead this teaching of taking every word written, even by those with veil covered eyes who see through the glass darkly, as truth of God's character, poisons their mind. It is born of darkness, and it serves darkness' purpose of exclusion, rather than God's desire of inclusion.


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