That Jesus was awesome

I love all those times Jesus was standing on a street corner with his megaphone yelling out all the sins of those passing by, the times He was tweeting or Facebooking a long rant about how Rome needs to be overthrown for their ungodly laws and real followers of His would be protesting and screaming and starting wars if they really had a relationship with Him, or the time He spent making people feel like less of His followers for listening to David's psalms that were sung over the secular beats of the time, or the time He said to the Gentiles that they better be following all the Jewish laws and Jewish holidays and traditions, or how He refused to speak to that adulterous Samaritan woman at the well and threw her down it to get her sinning butt to hell quicker, or the time He agreed with the rich man that following all the rules got him into heaven, or the time that He praised the long prayers filled with judgment of others and gave a high five to those that put the rotten sinners in their place by bombarding them with scriptures. I love all those times. That Jesus was awesome.


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