Christ in me

Do we truly understand when Paul said "Christ lives in me."?

Many don't and some it takes until they come face to face with some adversity where they say "I've been trying to do this as you, but I'm failing, if You are truly in me or some part of me, carry me please." That's when they let go and they see that He was never the problem, they were. I'm not 2 people in one body, I'm not Christ and me sharing one body. I'm Christ in my body completely.

When I fall that isn't a split personality or something. I'm not Christ on my good days and me on my bad days. You may say "if I'm not me, but Christ, why do I fall?"

I'll try to explain it as best as I'm able. When we fall that is a reaction of memories, little remnants of the old creature floating through these new veins. The being Christ-like isn't Him, and the falling you. You are not separate, you are one.

You see, I don't have to try to be Christ. When I behave Christ-like, I'm not acting like Him, I AM Him. How would I early in my walk even know how to "act" like Him when I just met Him, unless He is me and has provided me Himself to be.

The times that Christ is reflected in me is when I'm just living, relaxed, it takes no work or effort on my part. He just is, I just am. Him. It is when I remember that old man, how that old man thought, felt, reacted, let my memories of a fallen past surface, that is when I behave differently.

Think about this and it may be a mind blowing thing to you. When you behave as Christ, who are you? It takes absolutely no effort. When you behave as the old man, who is dead, it takes all of your effort. To react as the old fallen man that is dead I have to rely completely on self, use all of my concentration, everything that I can muster, negative emotions and thoughts, I focus on my "rights", slights, deserved things, insecurities, doubts, all of it.

Really think about that, let that sink in when you are in a dark place disappointed with yourself for sinning one more time, losing your old temper one more time, being selfish one more time. Look at what it takes to be the old man. If I was not Christ and He was not all of who I am in this vessel, shouldn't I be spending all of my effort and will power trying to be Him? Shouldn't I not be able to even function doing anything else in this life because I am expending such effort into being Him?

If I'm doing this by self effort it would take absolutely all of my self effort to even try to be an ounce of Christ. If He is not in me, wouldn't I have to always be concentrating on doing, saying, reacting how He would? He would not be exhibited by me in a time of rest, only in a time of work.

Praise Jesus that He did all the work, I only have to believe.

I pray this blesses you.


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