John Piper hates Game of Thrones?

I've figured out the real reason John Piper of Desiring God doesn't like Game of Thrones.
Although it is fantasy, historically many of the dark themes and events of the show and books have happened in past times. The past ages of this world have been filled with a kind of sickness, disease, killing, raping, abuses, slavery, etc. that our events pale in comparison to.
Mr. Piper knows that if people actually realize how dark and full of death the middle ages and other times in history were they would have no choice but to abandon using events in the modern age to defend their "the sky is falling, every hiccup is God's judgment" eschatology because they'd see how much better the world is now than at any other time in history.
The secondary fallout from this revelation, excuse the pun, would be that it would take $$$ out of the pockets of these doom and gloom end times harbinger writers and preachers. People could actually use the money they waste on that excrement to help their brothers and sisters in need first hand, possibly beginning in their own household.
I can just imagine how desperate many of these writers long for bad things to happen and the historical truth to be kept silent. I can envision them actually cursing the land on their own with thoughts and deeds. I mean, how would they keep people in line and make money if not off of the backs of misled people they are filling with fear by peddling their garbage in the name of God?


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